About S.H.E.

About S.H.E.

My story is one of God turning my mess into his message. And turning my pain into purpose.

As a child, I experienced the ache of loneliness. My parents were physically absent from my life. My single mom whose strength I admired, had to relocate to America. With tears in her eyes and pain in her heart, she did what was necessary to create a better life for my sister and me. For this reason, I had nowhere to turn when I needed guidance or a nurturing shoulder to cry on.  The solid foundation I thirsted for left me parched.

The sting of failure and shame was prevalent in my teenage years. My performance was so poor in one of my classes that I was expelled from school. I was teased and mocked relentlessly. But not just by the other students. By myself as well.

I felt so inferior for not being as intelligent as everyone else. The gnawing feeling of inadequacy hurt so bad, I shut myself off from the world. If no one could get close to me, they couldn’t sink their teeth into me.

But this didn’t make me bulletproof. It left my wounds open and vulnerable. I felt incredibly lost. My actions confused me. Why was I behaving this way?

God heard my question and gave me an answer. Even before I discovered his love. But isn’t that the wonderful thing about God? He is seeking you even if you aren’t seeking him.

In college, I began Psychology courses that gave me insight on why I responded to life the way I did. But that’s about it. It only splashed my problems across my textbook but didn’t seem to provide an answer sheet. I wasn’t given any solutions to deal with this newfound information.

This left me feeling overwhelmed with hopelessness. Depression began to slither into my life at this point. But before it could overtake me completely, I found the love of God. Or rather, the love of God found me.

When I turned 25, I found the power of group healing by joining a group counseling program at church. This experience that God used to transform my life was so powerful, that it’s one of the main reasons I’ve incorporated group counseling into my program. I have confronted the pain of my past in a powerful sisterhood and want to share that transformative energy with you.

I found myself when I found Christ. God held the mess of my life in his hands and put all the pieces back together. He knew that my mess had a message. One of self-love and forgiveness.

I remember looking in the mirror one day and saying “God, I don’t want to be this person anymore. I believe that change is possible.”

Slowly I began developing relationships with people who helped me change my negative mindset and bad habits.

This period in my life inspired me to pursue schooling for Christian counseling. I obtained my master’s degree in marriage and family therapy and learned how to help families and couples thrive in healthy and positive relationships. Most of all, I learned how to guide families through challenging times.

I have now decided to focus more on business and corporations with my doctoral degree in industrial and organizational psychology.

As I am rounding up my dissertation, I have fallen in love with research. This has led me to get a certification in data analysis. Gathering and analyzing data to help me make effective decisions for my life and business has made such an impact on my life. And it will impact yours too.

Rejection, shame, and fear are no strangers to me. They were once my closest companions. Maybe that is true for you too. But I want you to know that change is possible. You don’t have to continue living an unfulfilling, hopeless life. Anything you want in life is possible through the power of Christ. And I am here to help you see that.

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